On-Line Discussion Forum on IAAP Finances 
June 15 - 29, 2019


Toshio Kawai, IAAP Finance Officer, will host an on-line forum on the Association's finances.
To insure that the financial records of the International Association for Analytical Psychology are available to the membership, and that questions regarding the finances are answered prior to the XXIth Congress in Vienna, Austria an on-line forum will be available from June 15 - 29, 2019. Members may post questions which will be answered by Toshio Kawai, the Association's Finance Officer.

Click here to download Toshio Kawai's letter of invitation to the on-line forum


For using the forum site: Please visit the IAAP website https://iaap.org/ and login in the Member Site with your personal username and password. You will then find in the column on the right side a new heading with the title “Forum IAAP 2019”. Click first on "Forum IAAP 2019" and then a new page will open up. On the new page click on "IAAP Finances 2016 - 2018" (below the gray bar).
All Financial Documents are posted on this page. If you have questions regarding the Documents or if you like to post a comment you can do so in the field below: “Reply To: IAAP Finances 2016 – 2018” . Don’t forget to click on submit after you have written your comment or have asked your question.

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Selma Gubser